How SoilTech Works
When SoilTech is applied to the lawn and watered in, it expands and creates microscopic channels as  it pushes through the soil profile. These small channels provide the same benefits as mechanical aeration: better water penetration, room for roots to expand, and a place to draw in outside oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. SoilTech does all of this and affects 100% of the treated area, as opposed to mechanical aeration which affects only 5% of the treated area.

SoilTech is also extremely effective when used to treat highly sodic or alkaline soils. Because the product is made up of negatively charged polymers, it is able to dissolve alkaline salts, allowing bicarbonates to move deep into the soil profile and out of root growth areas – leaving you with a healthy, lush, green lawnscape.
  Roll Mouse Over Jar
In Other Words...

SoilTech only does one thing to the soil, which is, it creates pore space. More soil porosity means that more water, air, and nutrients can get into the soil and less compaction for better root growth. Here is a simple way of looking at it.

Compacted soils are a lot like a jar of sugar, small particle size makes small pore spaces between them. Little pores mean bad porosity.
Porous soils are a lot like a jar of marbles (Roll Over Jar), large particle size makes large pore spaces between them. Big pores means good porosity.

 What SoilTech does is it takes the smaller particles in compacted soils and clumps them together, making larger particles.  That is all SoilTech does, but increasing the porosity leads to a large amount of benefits.