What Are The Benefits?

  • Because SoilTech is a liquid, applications cover and affect the entire treated area. Mechanical aeration, due to its tine diameter and spacing, affects only 3-5% of the treated area.
  • SoilTech is a once or twice-a-year solution - unlike many of the so-called “liquid aeration” products on the market that require monthly applications.
  • More effective than mechanical aeration at reducing soil compaction and producing more healthier soil for your lawn.
  • No more broken sprinkler heads and cut outdoor lighting lines, and no more PLUGS!

Below are the differences in benefits between
"Mechanical Aeration" and "SoilTech - Liquid Aeration"

Mechanical Aeration  SoilTech - Liquid Aeration
Good For Environment? No Yes
Safe For... -- --
   - Kids and Pet? Yes Yes
   - Sprinklers? No Yes
   - Outdoor Lighting? No Yes
Loud and Noisy Yes No
Leaves a Mess? Yes No
Expensive? Yes No
Creates a Healthy Lawn? No Yes
Treats Entire Lawn? No Yes
Reduces Compaction? No Yes