"Healthy Turf Starts With Healthy Soil"

Soil compaction is one of the leading causes of an unhealthy lawn. Compacted soils restrict the flow of water and other nutrients into the soil, leading to wasted water and fertilizer runoff. Soil compaction also results in a weak and shallow root system, which even further lowers the overall health of your lawn.

What do you do about it?

We've been told for years that mechanical aeration is beneficial in relieving compacted soils. However, many people choose not to aerate their lawns due to it being a difficult, costly, and lengthy process - not to mention, the fact that it doesn't really fix the soil compaction problem.

The Solution...SoilTech

SoilTech is an environmentally-friendly, liquid aeration product that is now available to lawn care customers. SoilTech reverses the effects of soil compaction to increase the flow and retention of water and nutrients into the soil. All the while, allowing roots to grow stronger and deeper, making your lawn healthier and GREENER!

Like we say - "Healthy lawns start with healthy soils!" 

SoilTech is the generic name for the product.  Your specific lawn care company maybe offering it under a different name like SuperSoil, Soil-Aid, GreenAer, etc.

Read on to find out why SoilTech is your best 
option in the fight against soil compaction.